Welcome to IVE Group - (I)ndustrial (V)alve (E)ngineering

Industrial Valve Reconditioning, Accredited Testing and Certification

"Market Leader. Over 30 years outstanding track record"

IVE is New Zealand's leading industrial valve reconditioning company with a track record of over 30 years outstanding service in the business. And as such, we really do know our business inside-out.

"New Zealand's largest team of trained Valve Technicians"

Over the years IVE has earned an enviable reputation for excellence in workmanship, reliability and meeting deadlines. Little wonder, when you consider we now carry out more industrial valve maintenance and have more trained Valve Technicians than any other company in New Zealand and we also have the country's only facility accredited to test valves up to 10,000psi.

"From major shut-downs
to one-off jobs"

Whatever the valve, application or industry, IVE has the skilled technicians and tradesman, diagnostic and testing equipment and systems, to meet the industry's most demanding needs. From major shut downs requiring hundreds of co-ordinated on-site personnel, to the reconditioning of a single valve. Literally, no job is too big, no job is too small.

"Unique valve identification
and service history"

And every valve maintained by IVE is stamped with a unique identification number and logged onto our database so we can readily identify problem areas and use this information to assist in determining effective solutions, as well as to answer any service history questions which you may have.

"IVE, the name you can trust"

When you want the very best that New Zealand has to offer in industrial valve reconditioning and the peace of mind that goes with that, you need look no further than IVE. The name you can trust.

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